How Do You Pronounce “PEAXE” ?

It’s pronounced just like “PEACE”.

The name “Peaxe Pipes” is an homage to the ceremonial pipes used by our indigenous ancestors around the world. Almost every culture has some history of smoking as a means of communion, ritual, ceremony, or celebration. Having a dedicated tool for participating is a just a simple way to continue allowing each smoking experience to be a special occasion. Even if that special occasion is “just because” !

What is the shipping process?

Once your order is placed, please allow up to three days for a confirmation email. Once received, I’ll have carefully assembled and wrapped your piece in (recyclable) packing material to safely box things up.

Shipping is done every Monday and Friday (except with expedited orders) and mailed via USPS priority mail. Thank you in advance for your patience in receiving your new peaxe!

How do I care for and clean my piece?

Though these are antiques, you would still treat them as any other bong in regards to care and cleaning.

DIY Cleaning is as simple as taking isopropyl alcohol, and pouring it into the piece with salt and giving it a good shake before letting rest few minutes and then rinsing.

An alternative DIY method is to use lemon juice and hot water with the salt instead of alcohol if you happen to be out. Just be mindful that if the water is too hot. You run the risk of cracking the glass or expanding existing ones so be careful!

And lastly, for the most simplified experience, use a dedicated glassware cleaner . Here are a few personal recommendations:

**Click the name to see their respective sites and purchase**

Formula 420 Cleaner 

Orange Chronic Cleaner

Now with general care: Ideally you’d want to change your water often (i.e. after every session). Keeping the water in your piece changed out regularly is key to longevity and healthy lungs.

Another product we love to use is:

Piece Water

It’s an all natural replacement for bong water that keeps your experience smooth and prevents any buildup inside your glass. So cleaning is as simple as pouring it out and replacing.

And lastly, remember to clean out your bowl + downstem. Over time they will collect resin, so remember to use the above methods for loosening up buildup, but also utilize a pipe cleaner to get it scrubbed out and fresh for each session.

Can these be used for dabs?

Absolutely, just be sure to get the proper accessories for your piece. This could be a mesh screen for hash and resin, or a nail and banger for wax and rosin.

My piece was damaged on arrival- what do I do?

Please send over a few photos of the broken piece within three days of it being delivered. We’ll file a claim with the mailer (all packages are insured) and will be able to process a refund once resolved. Be mindful though that once your piece is used, a return is no longer an option.

Do You take commissions?

I take custom commissions at my discretion, but I must give a very loud disclaimer that the creation process is a very delicate one. Despite my skill, there is a very real risk of damaging the goods, so commissioned pieces come with caution. In the event of any damage I am not liable and you won’t be compensated for the loss. (But trust I will do my absolute best to create a beautiful piece for you).

For more details please just shoot me an email via the contact page or DM me @peaxepipes on Instagram.

When will the inventory update with new pieces?

Each piece is mindfully sourced and crafted by myself personally. As they become ready for new homes, announcements will be made so simply follow our social channels for all updates!